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New Sense Press Kit

About the Video

            Breaking the cycle of a mundane daily existence can be challenging for many. In iLLa wiLLa’s tune, “New Sense”, he describes how it can be difficult to escape the repetitiveness that is propagated by our society. Through the use of metaphors, both lyrically and visually, iLLa wiLLA highlights the journey of breaking free from a monotonous routine to revitalize an individualized sense of awareness as well as vibrant happiness.  

            The video begins with lead actor, Lily Nicole, as she walks through her day-to-day life. The people around her resemble her disinterest as she walks through her routine, day after day. Suddenly, Lily begins to see a little boy, who symbolizes creativity, youth, and the happiness that one might start to forget about when caught up in day-to-day responsibilities. Eventually, Lily and her comrades are all enraptured by the little boy’s presence and regain touch with their inner color and individuality.

            This music video was filmed and produced by Wallaby Media, from Wilmington, NC. The location in which it was filmed, Jacobe Warehouse, holds much sentimental value to Peterson. The warehouse belongs to his father, and Peterson recalls spending much time at the different businesses that arose throughout his life there. “Returning to this location to pursue my passion made the experience of filming there so special”, says Peterson.

Watch Now: New Sense 


Wallaby Media

Music Video

Patrick Basquill

Director and Screenwriter

Alex Hoelscher


Screen Shot 2018-09-18 at 6.31.12 PM.png
Peter Brownlee

Audio Engineer

lily nicole.jpg
Lily Nicole

Lead Actor

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